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Entering will lead you on a voyage of discovery through a world of innovative and inspirational mathematical resources for 3 to 11-year-old mathematicians, their teachers and their parents.

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The Number Fun songs, stories, characters, activities and games have been developed by Dave Godfrey, a primary mathematics consultant and teacher from York, England.

In this Portal you will find more than 200 Number Fun songs, with their associated resources, specifically designed to help children;

1: learn mathematical concepts (Concept Songs)

2: practice mathematics (Input/Output Songs)

3: remember mathematical content (Memory Songs)

Number Fun supports children’s development as mathematicians by utilising the unique characteristics of story and song – it is a powerful tool for teaching and learning.  We hope you find it to be a fun-filled and creative way of engaging children in mathematical learning, both within the classroom and at home.

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January 2020

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What others say…

The Number Fun portal is so easy to use that even the least tech savvy staff will have no problems navigating around it.
Number Fun = Children loving their maths = Children learning maths.

Rachel – Early Years Lead, York

A fantastic resource to bring mathematics to life – catchy songs to support the learning of the maths curriculum, backed up with a range of resources to support teaching for conceptual understanding!

Alison – Lecturer in Primary Mathematics, Leicester  

The new video presentations are incredibly helpful to maximise the impact of these amazing songs. I have been using Number Fun songs with children for over a decade. The new portal has taken the whole product to a new level. 

Michael – Headteacher, York