History of Number Fun

Number Fun is a powerful and creative tool for the teaching of primary and elementary school mathematics.  Music has an amazing power to engage children and to activate the brain.  Songs are a wonderfully creative way of teaching maths – one that the children love!

In 1998 Dave Godfrey was asked to write a set of primary assembly songs with maths links.  These songs were published in early 2000 by the Stapleford Centre under the title of ‘On the Shoulders of Giants’.  This resource was well received and Dave was subsequently challenged to write some simple songs to help children with their mathematics.  This led to a release of creativity and, based on his recent experience of teaching children in the 3-5 and 5-7 age ranges, Dave got to work!  Some of the initial songs, including classics like, ‘Farmer Pete’ and ‘Wobbly Tooth’, became an instant hit, and a new project was born!  Since those humble beginnings in 2001 Dave has gone on to write over 200 songs which have been previously packaged in songbooks and digital packs – each song aimed at supporting the teaching of a specific mathematical objective.  To accompany the songs, Dave has written, and co-written, activity packs, teacher ideas packs and computer software to support the use of the songs as a creative and powerful tool for learning.

The new Number Fun Portal is the latest chapter in the development of Number Fun.  For the first time all the existing Number Fun songs (including their new and exclusive video presentations) can be streamed instantly from one location.  Brand new material is currently being written and recorded with the aim of ensuring the Number Fun Portal continues to be a dynamic and rich source of mathematical creativity.  The Number Fun Portal embodies Dave’s passion of aiding progress and achievement in mathematics, by increasing confidence and understanding, through engagement and enjoyment.

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