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Would you like unlimited access to an online library of powerful, creative and fun-filled resources for young mathematicians?

Try out the Number Fun Portal for free

Incorporate videos, songs, stories and games that have an instant impact in your mathematics lessons


Engage children in active, creative and practical mathematics that bring learning to life


Equip children with deep mathematics understanding - even on the more challenging concepts


Support children between 3 to 11 years of age with their differing needs and expectations

When teachers build Number Fun into their lesson planning through the year, we usually find that they:


Are excited by the progress the children are making


See children thriving when they really understand the mathematics


Are relieved to have a powerful tool at their fingertips that covers all primary school mathematics domains and the majority of mathematical objectives


Get deep satisfaction that the children are learning with enjoyment - despite the pressures

Number Fun is the brainchild of Dave Godfrey. Dave has 31 years of experience: in the classroom and as a mathematics consultant. The songs and resources in the Portal are the result of 15 years of development and testing on the front-line of teaching. Find out more about Dave here.

What others say…

The Number Fun portal is so easy to use that even the least tech savvy staff will have no problems navigating around it.
Number Fun = Children loving their maths = Children learning maths.

Rachel – Early Years Lead, York

A fantastic resource to bring mathematics to life – catchy songs to support the learning of the maths curriculum, backed up with a range of resources to support teaching for conceptual understanding !

Alison – Lecturer in Primary Mathematics, Leicester  

The new video presentations are incredibly helpful to maximise the impact of these amazing songs. I have been using Number Fun songs with children for over a decade. The new portal has taken the whole product to a new level. 

Michael – Headteacher, York

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