Welcome to the Number Fun Portal

1. Use the navigation bar or the search bar to find songs.

2. Hover over on an age range and the relevant mathematical domains are listed.

3. Click on the age range, all the songs for that age range are listed alphabetically.

4. Hover over a domain or a sub-domain and further categorisation becomes visible.

5. Click the domain or sub-domain and all the relevant song boxes will appear.

6. Use the search bar to find songs by title, character, theme or key word

7. Click anywhere in a song box to access the song page.

8. Click on the video and enlarge to stream the high-definition presentation.

9. Click on the thumbnail to download the PowerPoint file.

10. Click to stream the full track or the backing track.

11. Click to view and then download the ideas pack.

12. Some songs have Additional Resources.

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