Quick Link Documents

The Number Fun video presentations are powerful and creative tools that combine visualisation, animation, vocabulary, story, song and humour. They add a layer of creativity and engagement that will help your children learn and enjoy mathematics whatever scheme of learning you happen to be using.

These Quick Link Documents are designed to connect you with with the ideal Number Fun resources, quickly and creatively, to support your delivery of mathematics. For each small step or statement, these documents suggest a key Number Fun Video alongside simple guidance on how you might use them effectively. The documents also provides links to other Number Fun resources as and when these are appropriate.

There are currently Quick Link Documents available for White Rose planning and NCETM/DfE Ready to Progress Criteria. (the Non-Statutory Guidance published in July 2020).

Browse below by year group.

The entire suite of Number Fun videos are listed within the Resources Search Tool. This document lists the resources by age-range, domain, subdomain and specific video objective. This is the easiest way to explore the breadth of resources found on the Number Fun Portal.

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