Number Fun Activity Days

Dave has visited well over 500 schools to present his fun-filled Number Fun Activity Days.

A Number Fun Activity Day aims to equip teachers to use the Number Fun Portal as a powerful tool for learning whilst introducing the materials to children in a fun-filled and action packed day! A typical Activity Day typically includes Maths based Collective Worship/Assembly for the whole school, followed by 4 hour-long workshops – each one aimed at a different phase or year-group (e.g. 3-5, 5-7, 7-9 and 9-11).

Dave’s presentation is fun and fast moving, including puppetry, role play, props and song actions. The day finishes with an hour-long CPD session aimed at equipping staff to creatively use the contents of the Number Fun Portal as a powerful tool in their teaching of Primary Mathematics.

For more details or to book an Activity Day, please give the Number Fun office a call at the office on 01904 778848.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for today. The children absolutely loved it and the teachers have said how fantastic is was. One teacher who is leaving the profession at Easter, now wants to stay! She said it’s reminded her how fantastic this job can be! It’s been a difficult week and today was just what everyone needed. We’re all very keen to use the songs as a learning tool and I think they will have a massive impact on our maths and the enjoyment of it.



Mathematics Professional Development Training

Dave is an experienced trainer and an accredited PD Leader for the new National Curriculum with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics.

Dave has taught across the primary age-range and he brings his wealth of experience to bear in his dynamic training programme. Dave’s training aims to help raise standards by increasing teachers’ confidence and subject knowledge, and by giving them tools to be creative and to enjoy the subject! Each course comes packed with engaging ideas alongside the foundation of relevant theory. All Dave’s CPD events are presented in a relevant, engaging, fun-filled and interactive style.

Dave would be delighted to provide bespoke training for your school or cluster, or to present on any of the following themes:

• Mastery in Mathematics
• Mastering the use of Models and Images
• Developing Early Mathematical Understanding
• Number Fun – Using Songs as a Creative and Powerful Tool in Mathematics
• Revitalising Mathematics
• Learning Key Facts and Counting Skills
• Embedding Mental Calculation across the Primary School
• A Whole School Progression in Arithmetic and Written Calculation
• A Creative Approach to Problem Solving
• Extending More Able Pupils
• Reasoning and Talk Mathematics
• Bar Model – Mastering the use of the Bar
• Mastering Fractions through the use of Models and Images
• Embedding Mathematics across the Primary Curriculum
CPD events are available in during half-day, full-day or twilight sessions.

The sessions were carefully planned and delivered, running just like a series of outstanding maths classes with clear objectives, pace and variety. In addition, there was a high level of enjoyment, even for our “reluctant learners”. The style was interactive and there were games and music. it really was active learning by example.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Dave and his training package which was carefully tailored to our needs and adjusted in a flexible way over the training days as he saw necessary.

J. Day, Headteacher

Escola Inter Escola Internacional del Camp, Tarragona, Spain

Mathematics Consultancy

Dave has spent many years helping schools improve their teaching of mathematics through ongoing consultancy work.

Dave’s consultancy usually begins with a day-long audit of mathematics which aims to identifying and celebrate strengths, as well as highlighting key areas for improvement.  In the light of his findings, Dave then provides consultancy support to help the school develop their teaching of mathematics.  This support typically includes helping teachers advance their own mathematical understanding and teaching of mathematics; encouraging the development of mathematically rich environments; and the establishment of structures and policies to provide a practical, consistent and powerful way forward for improving performance.

Quite simply, because the CPD and consultancy that Dave was providing was so inspiring, staff from the other schools in our Trust came along to the sessions based at St Wilfrid’s CE and we now have Number Fun policies, techniques and songs used across all schools in our Trust. Indeed we have recently been asked to support another local school and the children and staff at St Elisabeth’s CE are also now benefitting from Dave’s input. From a Trust perspective this is great because it means that the calculation policy and teaching methods in all our Trust schools are similar and more importantly children across the Trust are enjoying maths and making good progress.

Matt Whitehead, Executive Head

St James and Emmanuel Academy Trust

Conference Keynotes and Workshops

Dave is an experienced conference speaker and is available to lead keynote presentations and workshops.

Speaking appointments typically focus on Dave’s pioneering work with Number Fun and the use of songs as a tool for promoting progress and understanding in primary mathematics.  Dave is also available to present on all other areas of mathematics.

Attending the session on Mastery with Dave Godfrey opened my eyes to different ways of teaching and interpreting mathematics. It promoted the importance of having fun whilst learning maths, something I have been trying to do in my own teaching practice. This session provided me with different ideas to take into my practice and I now feel much more confident in trying out new techniques in my teaching.


Leicester University